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Application and assessment Internship


Your internship will be approved through the use of Osiris Case. Submit your Case no later dan 6 weeks before the start of your internship. You should go to osiris.ru.nl if you need to have your internship approved. The process is as follows:

  • You apply for a new Case in Osiris. The Case is, in this instance, an internship approval request. Osiris recognises your data and will only allow you to choose from the course codes that are relevant to you.
  • You fill out all fields (these are the same fields the former internship approval form contains).
  • You press “submit” and the process is started.
  • The internship coordinator of your study programme receives an email that a new Case has arrived that needs to be taken care of.
  • The internship coordinator of your study programme looks at your request. If they agree, they also appoint a supervising teacher. The process is completed in Osiris if the supervising teacher also agrees.
  • You will receive a message that your internship is approved and Team Career Service will receive an email that your internship agreement can be composed. You will receive the internship agreement by email from Career Service. The agreement should be signed by both you and the internship organisation. You email the signed agreement back to Career Service (careerservice@let.ru.nl).

You will receive an email if your request has been rejected. You then log into Osiris and see the reason for rejection of your Case. You can edit your request and submit it again. The process will then again follow the aforementioned steps. 
You will automatically be signed up for the course code if your internship has been approved and the process is finished (hence, you do not need to do sign up for the internship course in Osiris manually).

The online instruction manual can be found here.


Have you completed your internship? Have the report and any other final producers assessed by your teacher supervisor. As of 1 November 2021 you can do this via OsirisCase. Click here for the manual.

Be aware:

  • To request your internship assessment via OsirisCase, you must be registered for the internship course in Osiris
  • Submit your assessment request via OsirisCase no later than 8 weeks after completingyour internship. After that it is no longer possible.

Having trouble? Send an email to Career Service (careerservice@let.ru.nl).