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Individual internship instead of think tank

Individual internship instead of think tank (internship at an organization)

Because you do this internship instead of a think tank, you will work on the same learning objectives as during the think tank. This means that during your internship you will not only work in the company or organisation, but will also work on a societal issue of that organisation or company that is related to the theme of the minor. Think for example about the question of an association on how to become more inclusive (for the minor Gender) or an organisation or company that wonders how receptive multilingualism can be used in their organisation/company (Multilingualism in Europe). For inspiration on relevant societal issues within your minor, take a look at the course description of the think tank.

Step 1: how do you find an internship?

  • Have a look in the offer of the internship vacancy bank of Career Service Arts.
  • Actively look for an internship yourself

More information with regards to the criteria of your internship can be found in the minor guide.

CV and letter of application

Are you ready to approach organisations and agencies? Then don't forget to update your resume as well and prepare a good motivation letter. Do you have questions about your CV? Take a look at our webpage concerning career advice.

Job interview

You have an interview with a potential internship company (online). Click here for more information on how to prepare for the interview. The conversation went well and in principle you have an agreement with the party offering the internship. This means that the university's criteria (see minor guide) can be met. This is followed by step 2.

Step 2: application process via the Examination Board

  • Submit your request for approval for an individual internship instead of a think tank to the Examination Board. A special form has been made for individual internships instead of think tanks (category "Study Programme" > "I would like to do an individual internship instead of the thinktank").
  • The Examining Board will briefly discuss the content of your request with the coordinator of the minor. In consultation with the coordinator of the minor, it will be assessed whether your request meets the criteria set for the individual internship instead of a think tank (see information in the minor guide).
  • If your request is rejected, you will be notified via the Examining Board. This can be a total disapproval, but also a partial disapproval and that you will have to make an adjustment. You will do this a.s.a.p. and re-submit the request
  • If your request has been approved, you will receive a message about it from the Examining Board.
  • Finally, you will receive information about the final step in the process.

Step 3: completion via OsirisCase

You will start the administrative process for internship approval in OsirisCase. You choose the Case ('Indiv. internship instead of think tank' or ‘Indiv. res. internship i/o think tank') and fill in the application form. You click on submit. The practitioner of your case will appoint a tutor via the system. You will receive approval for the completion of your case and Career Service will be notified that your internship agreement can be drawn up. A manual is available for OsirisCase.

Take into account your time schedule (at least 2 - 3 months where success is not guaranteed).  The whole process between searching for a suitable internship (approaching, waiting for a response, holding discussions and reaching agreement with the organisation offering the internship), approval process at the Examining Board and completing it through OsirisCase can take at least 2 to 3 months and perhaps even longer.

Make sure you to contact your study advisor to discuss your options if you think that your search for an individual internship might not be successful.

Step 4: Assessment via OsirisCase

Have you completed your internship? Have the report and any other final producers assessed by your teacher supervisor. As of 1 November 2021 you can do this via OsirisCase. Click here for the manual.

Be aware:

  • To request your internship assessment via OsirisCase, you must be registered for the internship course in Osiris
  • Submit your assessment request via OsirisCase no later than 8 weeks after completing your internship. After that it is no longer possible.

Having trouble? Send an email to Career Service (careerservice@let.ru.nl).