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Internship possibilities

Types of internships

Internship minor

The Internship Minor is intended for Faculty of Arts students who expressly want to orient themselves within the labour market as a part of their studies. This minor offers a thorough orientation in preparation for your future and will become part of your curriculum. Curious to learn more about the Internship Minor? Check our step-by-step plan or download the Internship Minor Manual 2020-2021 (pdf, 92 kB).

Internship without credits

It is possible to do an internship and not receive any credits. In that case, you do not have to write an internship report and will not be assigned a supervisor within the university. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide you with an agreement. Please note that an internship without credits will usually not appear on your diploma.

Number of credits

Type of internship Number of credits
Internship Minor (u/i cohort 2017) 15 ECTS
Internship without credits 0 ECTS