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Step-by-step plan Internship Minor

1. Orientation and search

In principle, there are two ways of getting an internship: looking at what is being offered and/or actively searching yourself.

Responding to others
Career Service Arts plays an active role in this process. The internship database lists all vacancies the faculty has received. We also update students through our Facebook page. Furthermore, student organisations such as Integrand and AIESEC help students find their internships.

Search yourself
If you do not want to be dependent on what is being offered and you have a clear idea of the kind of organisation you would like to do an internship at, you may want to search for one yourself. In this case, open applications often appear to be a successful approach. You do not apply for a specific vacancy but you introduce yourself to the company and ask for possibilities.

2. If desired: help with orientation and application

If you fail to find a suitable internship yourself, there is always the possibility to make use of the consultation hours of Career Service Arts. We have access to a wide network and can help you with your search strategy. Besides, we can advise you during your application process. Check our website for detailed information on how to write CVs and motivation letters and how to create digital profiles. If that leaves any questions unanswered, please feel free to make an appointment. If you want our Career Officer to take a close look at your CV or motivation letter, please send an email to careerservice@let.ru.nl and attach said documents.

3. Approval of your internship

Once you have found a suitable internship and you have been hired, you must request approval from your degree programme. The process is made clear on our page Application and assessment Internship. After completion of these steps, you may start your internship. If the end date is changed during your internship period, you are usually required to notify Career Service Arts, so a new version of the contract can be set up.

4. Internship report and assessment

Each intern participating in the internship minor concludes the internship with an internship report. The evaluation by the company supervisor and your report must be submitted to the university supervisor within fourteen days after your internship has ended. The report provides a business perspective on the progress of the internship and the performance of the work activities, and should be written in correct Dutch or English. For the university supervisor, the internship report is – in combination with the written evaluation of the company supervisor – a means of assessing whether the pre-defined goals have been achieved and whether this has contributed to the learning outcomes of your programme. In accordance with the Education and Examination Regulations of the faculty, the university supervisor will assign a grade for the internship, whereby 6.0 is considered to be the lowest passing grade. Guidelines and additional information can be found in the Internship Minor Manual 2020-2021 (pdf, 92 kB).