Faculty of Arts
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Executing the assignment

You are responsible for finding your own assignment. During the information meeting we will provide you with several tips and assistance to independently execute a nice assignment at an organisation. If you put in an application at an organisation and you have your interview, make sure you are well prepared (i.e. you have looked into the organisation, but also the regulations and standards of the course and the assignment). Look under the heading “documents” to find all the necessary information.

Approval through OsirisCase

Have you found a nice assignment and has the organisation agreed to have to execute the assignment? Then, you need to file an internship approval form through OsirisCase. In this manual, you can find an explanation on how to do this.


Here, you can find all documents that you need to be well prepared before you start the course. The factsheet for companies is also available online, but save this file as well so you can send it to your company of choice digitally.