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Extracurricular internship

Perhaps you have a delay in your study programme or you simply want to gain more experience. An (extra) internship can then be a nice addition.

Extracurricular or not?

You can choose to do an internship that may have less or no relevance to your studies, but is in your interest. For such an internship you do not need approval from Career Service, you do not need an internship agreement and you do not need guidance from the university. However, we do not advise this!

Do you want to do an internship, receive guidance from the university and have the internship mentioned on your diploma?

Then choose an extracurricular internship of 15 ECTS. You can find the conditions for this internship in the manual (docx, 72 kB).

1. You are looking for an interesting internship and come to a provisional agreement with the
organisation providing the internship.
2. You submit an internship approval request via OsirisCase (course code: LET-LEM01-15)
3. Your internship request is processed and a tutor is assigned
4. After approval of the tutor supervisor Career Service will draw up your internship agreement.
5. You will submit an application to the Faculty Examination Board to have the internship mentioned on your diploma as an extracurricular subject.*
6. You request assessment of your internship via OsirisCase.

* If you only want to do an internship if it is mentioned on your diploma, you can also do step 5 first. A condition is that approval by the Examination Board only counts when you complete the internship with a positive end result and it is registered in Osiris.

Note: An extracurricular internship is separate from the think-tank or the individual fulfilment of it in the third bachelor's year.