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Internship possibilities

Various possibilities

During the course of your study, most Master's programmes offer the possibility to conduct practice-based research, to do fieldwork or to conduct applied scientific research for third parties. Take a look at overview MA internships to see what internship co-occurs with your specific Master's programme.

It goes without saying that at this stage of the Master’s programme, high demands are placed on the nature, approach and results of the work being performed by the student. There should be a clear link between the content and the level of education.

Furthermore, if there are few options available, some studies offer the possibility of doing an internship involving practical activities related to the field of expertise.

Keep in mind:

  • An internship must be approved by the Examining Board of your degree programme. This responsibility is usually delegated to an internship contact person. The contact person provides the approval, designates a university supervisor and sets the number of credits. Only after these steps are completed can an internship contract be drawn up.
  • At the end of the internship, your performance will be assessed by the university supervisor. Only lecturers affiliated with the university can assign a grade.

Check with your degree programme and the Career Officer for the possibilities during your Master's programme. When you want your internship to be approved, you need to submit a request in OsirisCase.

Internship without credits

It is possible to do an internship and not receive any credits. In that case, you do not have to write an internship report and will not be assigned a supervisor within the university. However, we can still provide you with an agreement. Please note that an internship without credits will usually not appear on your diploma. If you wish to add your internship to your supplement, please contact your study advisor.