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Why an internship?

An internship is an excellent way to get acquainted with the professional field, bring theory into practice and acquire inside into your qualities and shortcomings. Furthermore, employees often check for practical experience on applicants’ CVs: an internship gives you an edge over the competition.

  1. Your degree programme in practice
    An internship offers a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the professional field related to scientific theory and research in the field of your degree programme. An internship enables you to apply insights and skills in professional practice. You gain important work experience which can be of great value for the rest of your study and your later career.

  2. Build a bridge between study and work
    Surveys among alumni continuously show that there is a gap between degree programmes at a university level and professional practice, which only becomes clear as graduates start participating in the labour market. The internship minor smoothens your transition from student to employee and might prove to be of great relevance when applying for your first job.

  3. Springboard to the future and building a network
    An internship often appears to be a stepping stone to a first job. Employers value applicants that have not only developed their competences within the walls of the university, but also know how to use them in a professional setting. You get the chance to show how your knowledge and skills can be applied to the “work place”, and after your internship you will be able to demonstrate experience in a study-related job.

  4. Insight into your competencies and interests
    A majority of students feel they have insufficient insight into their professional identity and qualities. Students who have completed an internship generally have a much better idea of what they can do with their degree and know what kind of work motivates them. This helps them to better target their job applications and present themselves with more self-confidence.