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Job interview

Congratulations, you got the interview! Based on your CV and motivation letter, you have been invited for an initial job interview.

Purpose of a job interview

A job interview is a great way to discover if you and an organisation are a good match. The interviewer wants to know if you meet the requirements (rational foundation) and also if there is a “connection”; if you fit within the department and/or organisation (emotional foundation). Of course, you also want to know if the job/internship and organisation suit you as well. Is the work that you will be doing what you expected it to be? And what do you think of the company culture, for example? A job interview is a means for both parties to find the answers to these types of questions.

We have created the following checklist so that you can make the best possible impression during the job interview. We also offer a document with the most commonly occurring “tricky questions” to enable you to be prepared and to not end up at a loss for words.

Handout 'Job interview'
Tricky questions (pdf, 671 kB)

More information

Would you like more information about job interviews? Schedule an appointment with an employee from Career Service Arts.

Do you have any questions or comments in response to what you have read? Please let us know at careerservice@let.ru.nl..