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Networking is often seen as troublesome and scary, but it really is just a matter of practice makes perfect. You will find that networking is really quite fun!

What is networking?

Simply put, networking is establishing and maintaining contacts with other people, which may benefit you at another time”. Start early on making contacts with people in the labour market. Show interest, ask about their careers or ask questions about the company at which they are employed. Who knows, they might be able to give you an internship or a job someday!

Why is having a network important?

Your network:

  • Knows about jobs;
  • Knows people who are searching for jobs;
  • Knows people who would be interested in you;
  • Knows people that are of interest to you;
  • Is familiar with current and future trends in a sector and/or companies.

How can you get the most out of your network?

Read our handout for more information about networking.

More information

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