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Registration form Communication & Consultancy

Do you have a communication problem that you would perhaps like to have researched or do you want to come into contact with students for another reason? Do not hesitate to contact us through email (communicatie-consultancy@let.ru.nl)

Please fill in this form if you would like to register a communication assignment. One of our employees will contact you to talk things through upon receipt. See our factsheet (yet to be uploaded) for further information. We strive to meet your specifications as much as possible.

Please note: forms with uncompleted or unspecified data will be returned to you, and we will ask you to complete filling out the form nevertheless. This could mean there will be some delay. We are not responsible for this possible delay.

Is this your first time filling in the form? Then, we would like to ask you to also fill out your organisation’s contact information.

Have you already offered us a communication problem in the past? Then, we would like to ask you to only fill in the questions that apply to the new communication problem and the contact person within your organisation.