Education at the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts of Radboud University offers a wide range of degree programmes and courses in the area of language, culture, communication, and history, both in English and in Dutch. These areas reflect the expertise and research carried out at the Faculty, ensuring that the knowledge acquired in every course is thorough, comprehensive and includes the latest discoveries in the field. We pride ourselves of having an international classroom, a student-centered approach in teaching, maintaining high education standards, and providing career guidance to our students.

International classroom

Radboud University has a great international environment. Part of the Bachelor's- and Master's programmes at the Faculty of Arts are offered in English, and attract students from all across the globe. We also strongly encourage and support both staff- and student-exchanges between Radboud University and international universities.

Personal approach

The Faculty of Arts takes a personal approach to teaching. In both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, large-scale lectures are rare. Students are often taught in small groups, where they discuss the course material. Our lecturers and tutors are demanding. Thus, a lot of the study success relies on the student’s commitment, individual strive, and activity in the classroom.

Academic counselling

Most of all, we are there to support our students. All degree programmes have their own Study Advisor, with whom students can discuss their study progress and any study-related issues. The first-year Bachelor’s students receive special attention by having a tutoring system that ensures a smoother transition from secondary school to university life.

High quality education

Keeping an exceptional standard for education is important to us. For many years, our degree programmes have scored score highly in the independent rankings of national education studies: Elsevier and Keuzegids Universiteiten. We maintain our top position by having an excellent academic community, continuously listening to our student’s feedback, and adapting to global changes.

Meanwhile, we have five Bachelor's programmes and seven Master's programmes that are fully English-taught and open for students all over the world.

Career guidance

Students from the Faculty of Arts can look forward to a bright professional future. Due to the comprehensive nature of our degree programmes, students are employable in a wide range of professions. Many of our students work as teachers, public relations officers or communication consultants. The employers are diverse, including schools, universities, and governmental institutions and companies.

Our degree programmes allow students to start preparing for their professional careers at an early stage. This is done, for instance, through internships, business projects, and personal career counselling. For this Faculty of Arts has a dedicated Career Service, which offers regular workshops and individual consultations, as well as internship listings for current students.