Quality of education at Faculty of Arts

All degree programmes of the Faculty of Arts have been accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). This accreditation system, which was introduced in the Netherlands in 2002, guarantees that degrees in higher education are at a comparable level of quality, and increases the international recognition of higher education.

The degree programmes are assessed once every six years. Find out more about the NVAO on their official website.

Quality assurance cycle at the Faculty of Arts

In preparation of the accreditation, the Faculty of Arts has established a quality assurance cycle, which lasts six years. In this six-year period, a series of internal and external processes play a role in ensuring high quality standards for all our programmes.

  • Internal process: This process covers the entire period of six years and ensures that each year, evaluations monitoring and improvement activities are carried out.
  • External process (accreditation procedure): One year before the accreditation expires, the university applies for the external quality assessment of their degree programme. The external quality assessment process that precedes the request takes about one year. Therefore, the last two years of the six-year quality assurance cycle are dominated by the external process.
  • Critical reflection: The reflection document forms the basis for assessing the quality of education. This report is made by the programme itself and connects the internal and external processes.

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