Degree programmes

The Faculty of Arts offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in the areas of language, communication, art, culture and history.

Bachelor's degree programmes

Our Bachelor's programmes are disciplinary-taught, as we believe that small-scale and intensive education helps our students thrive, especially when it comes to gaining knowledge and skills that are crucial in order to become an expert in their field. A profound approach to teaching is important to us, because it helps our students grow. Professionals with expert knowledge are indispensable nowadays in a society full of challenges.

Overview of Bachelor's programmes

Master's degree programmes

Our Master's programmes offer students the opportunity to specialise in their field of interest or to move to other fields. Our Faculty of Arts offers a broad and appealing range of both one-year and two-year (research) Master's programmes. Students who have obtained a Bachelor's degree at our Faculty are always qualified for at least one of our Master's programmes.

Overview of Master's programmes