Master's programmes

The Faculty of Arts offers a broad range of both Dutch and English-taught Master's degrees. Below you can see the overview of all our English-taught Master's programmes. For a complete overview of all of Radboud University's Dutch and English-taught Master's programmes, see overview of all Master's programmes at Radboud University (select 'Faculty of Arts').

Nijmegen 3

English-taught Master's programmes

  • Master's in Communication and Information Studies
    • Specialisation in Global Communication and Diversity
  • Master's in Linguistics and Communication Sciences (Research)
  • Master's in Linguistics
    • Specialisation in Language Variation and Multilingualism
  • Master's in Arts and Culture
    • Specialisation in Creative Industries
    • Specialisation in Tourism and Culture
    • Specialisation in Education in Museums & Heritage
  • Master's in Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies (Research)
    • Specialisation in Art and Visual Culture (Research)
    • Specialisation in Historical Studies (Research)
    • Specialisation in Literary Studies (Research)
  • Master's in History
    • Specialisation in Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds
  • Master's in North American Studies
    • Specialisation in Transatlantic Studies: History, Culture and Politics