Elective courses

The Faculty of Arts teaches several courses for degree and exchange programmes every year. Many of these courses are open to students from other faculties as elective courses.

The full range of courses at the Faculty of Arts is available in our online prospectus.

Minors in 2019-2020

Minors are sets of related elective Bachelor's courses offered by the Faculty of Arts. At our Faculty, every Bachelor's curriculum can be personalised by choosing from these minors. Our students can follow a minor in the third year of their Bachelor's. Students can also use the free space in curriculum for an internship or to study abroad.

Minors from 2020-2021

If you enrolled as a first-year Bachelor's student in 2018-2019 or in 2019-2020, you will have to take a minor worth 40 EC in your third year. The minor is a package of related courses and a think tank or internship that helps you to expand and deepen your knowledge. The minors deal with current societal themes. You will be able to choose from one of the profile minors in April or May of your second Bachelor year. More information about the profile minors can be found on the website of the Student Information Point Arts.