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After arrival

How can I apply as an exchange student?

As long as your university has a contract with Radboud University (preferably with the Faculty of Arts), you can apply as an exchange student. The application procedure and requirements can be found here.

What is the application deadline for exchange students?

Semester 1: September - January
Nomination deadline 1 May
Student application deadline 23 May
Semester 2: February - July
Nomination deadline 1 November
Student application deadline 23 November

What about financial matters?

Exchange students do not pay tuition fees. To be able to live and study in the Netherlands, students generally need between €800 to €1000 a month. This amount will cover daily expenses, social activities and rent. Please refer to this page for extensive information on living in Nijmegen. For information on scholarships and grants, click here.

Which courses can I take?

As an exchange student at the Faculty of Arts, you are free to select courses in all our departments. You can select a maximum of two courses at other faculties. For further information, click here.

How many courses can/should I take?

A regular workload is 30 EC per semester. Most of our courses are 5 EC each and we therefore recommend taking 6 courses per semester. Please contact us if you would like to take more than 6 courses.

What are the language requirements?

For courses offered at the Faculty of Arts, a minimum of B2 is required. For courses offered at the Department of English and American Studies, a minimum of C1 is required. We only accept certified proofs of English language competency. Please check our admission requirements.

How do I change a course?

Due to the limited places in our courses and the big puzzle it is to place students in their top choices, it is not possible to change courses after confirmation of your initial registration. The only reasons to change courses are these:

  • Your home university informed you that one of the courses you are registered for will not count towards your degree;
  • A teacher indicates that you do not meet the entry requirements of a course;
  • Circumstances beyond your control (e.g. overlap in schedule).

Please inform us via email if any of the above applies to you as soon as possible. We will then check what your options are. The deadline to change courses will be communicated by the study abroad coordinator per semester. If your request to change courses has been approved, you can fill in a During Mobility Form or Change Form, which can be downloaded here.

How do I find a room?

Housing is arranged by Radboud International.

Do I need a visa/residence permit, and if so, how can I apply?

The central International Office informs you about and supports you in these matters. Please check their web page.

How about health insurance?

Please consult information on medical services here.

How do I register for courses?

You can register for courses through OSIRIS.

Where can I find my schedule?

You can look up your schedule in our Personal Schedule tool. Need help? Check the RU ready web page dedicated to timetables.

Does Radboud University organise an Orientation Programme?

The Radboud’s University central International Office and Radboud International Students (RIS) organise an Orientation for international students each semester. The programme may include tours of the university and of Nijmegen, sports events, various parties and much more. The Orientation is the best and fastest way to discover the university and the city and to make new friends from all over the world.

Semester 1: September - January
Orientation (introduction period) Mid-August*
Semester 2: February - July
Orientation (introduction period) Mid-January*

* Specific dates to be announced in due course

Why is my Radboud study programme different from the study programme at my home university?

We register you for the programme which is responsible for the exchange agreement with your home university. It is possible that it is a different programme than the programme at your home university. This doesn't influence your course selection: you are allowed to choose from all courses offered by the Faculty of Arts as long as you meet the prerequisites.

How can I get my student card/student number?

After your registration process is started, you automatically receive information with your student number. Your student card can be collected at the central International Office (Houtlaan 4) upon arrival.

I cannot log in to the Student Portal System. What should I do?

In order to have access to the systems of the Radboud University, you first need to visit the website of Identity Management to activate and set-up your account.

Are you experiencing difficulties trying to log in anyway? Please check the following:

  1. Have you logged in with an “s and afterwards with 7 digits? This combination is your unique student number.
  2. Have you used the correct password? You should have gotten an email with your activation code. After using this, you will need to set up your own password. The activation code can only be used once.

If after these checks you are still unable to log in, please contact the Student Affairs Office via balieDSZ@ru.nl.

Who is my departmental/academic coordinator?

Your departmental coordinator is the holder of the exchange agreement. Please check the code of your degree programme in Osiris and then check the list of coordinators. For LET-B-CIW-A it depends on the language in the country of your home university as well. If you are not sure, please send an email to internationaloffice@let.ru.nl.

I need to change my Learning Agreement. What should I do?

Check our information on changing a course.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a fraud crime of which you could be accused of if you fail to mention the sources you use for your essays. Your papers will be digitally screened to rule out plagiarism, but still every year a few students lose EC because they try their luck. Your grades will be declared invalid and the examination board will formally inform your home university about it. In order to avoid all this, make sure you know the rules on fraud and plagiarism.

What do I need to know about examination at Radboud University?

Please take into account the following:

  • All exams have to be taken at Radboud University. Students are expected to stay until after the exams in period 2 and 4. We will not facilitate taking the exams at your home university. However, if you need to take a resit for a course during exam period 3, you can send a request to the examination board and ask if it is possible to take your exam at your home university. Please read the instructions below.
  • When you register for a (bachelor) course, you will be automatically registered for the exam. However, you have to register for the resit exam at least 7 working days in advance via this form. Having an exam listed in your personal schedule does not mean you are registered for the resit exam. If you are registered for a master course, please contact International Office Arts to register for an exam or resit exam.
  • If you are not registered for an exam you will not be admitted to the exam.
  • Always take your ID and Student card with you for your exams.
  • Exam dates can be found in the course schedules.
  • Check the schedules of the exams multiple times. There could be adjustments and you do not want to miss an exam because you are at the wrong place.

How do I register for a resit?

It might happen that you receive a fail for an exam. In that case you have the right to take part in a resit. What do you need to arrange?

  1. In case your resit is after the end date of your study abroad term and you need access to the Radboud systems for a longer time: send an email to internationaloffice@let.ru.nl that contains the following information about the resit:
    1. Your student number
    2. Course code
    3. Course name
    4. Name of the exam
    5. Date of the exam/deadline
  2. Register for the resit via the online form.
  3. [PERIOD 3 RESITS ONLY] In case your resit is a written exam and you'd like to take it at your home university, send a request for a resit on distance* to the examination board**. Make sure you explain your situation and add the following details about your resit:
    1. Course code
    2. Course name
    3. Name of the exam
    4. Date and time of the exam
    5. Name home university
    6. Contact person at your home university (who will supervise at your home university).
    7. Email address of the contact person
  4. Take the exam at the end of the next period.
  5. Wait for the result. (Check Osiris regularly in the two weeks after the resit)
  6. Request your transcript when all your grades are registered.

* Please be aware that the International Business Communication department never allows resits on distance. A request for LET-CIW courses will be rejected.

** In case your resit is for a course outside the Faculty of Arts (non LET-courses), you will need to follow the rules of that specific faculty. Check their website for more information and contact them if you have any questions.

I am struggling with a paper. How do I seek help?

Do you have a paper due soon or are you currently working on your thesis? Whatever your discipline, the Radboud Writing Lab provides tutoring and support for all academic writing assignments. Specially trained tutors (students of Radboud University) will help you find a productive way of phrasing your thoughts and fitting them into a well-written text. It doesn't matter what stage you are in.

The individual sessions are free of charge for Radboud University students, and you can come back for several sessions with the same tutor. You can book an appointment here. Radboud Writing Lab also offers several workshops you can join.

I need to see a doctor/dentist, who can I contact?

Please consult information on medical services here.

In case of any problems or other questions, who can I contact?

The staff of International Office Arts is happy to help.