Go abroad: why and when?

Why go abroad?

The Faculty of Arts has plenty of opportunities for students who are interested in studying or interning abroad. Nearly all programmes offered by the Faculty of Arts have international contacts. In many cases, you can draw on the networks of other programmes as well.

For many students, studying or interning abroad is an unforgettable experience. It helps you focus on your personal development, forces you out of your comfort zone and is the perfect opportunity to learn or master a foreign language. In terms of job prospects, employers often consider time spent abroad to be a real advantage.

When to go abroad?

A stay abroad is possible within a 3 year Bachelor's programme. You can do the study abroad minor in the first semester of your third year. You can also choose to do your electives abroad or make the stay abroad an extracurricular part of your programme. Please contact International Office Arts and your student advisor if you have plans for a stay abroad.

Wanting to go abroad as a Master's student? Check the possibilities of the stay abroad with your student advisor and keep in mind that going abroad within a one-year programme is very difficult.