1: Find a suitable programme

We don't have a standard format for a short stay programme. It is up to you to search for a suitable programme, for example a Summer/Winter School or a programme offered by a Dutch Scientific Institute Abroad (NWIB). On our destination page you can find some useful links and suggestions to start your search.

2. Apply for the programme

International Office Arts doesn't have deadlines or specific arrangements for short stay programmes. It is your own responsibility to register for the short programme at the institute abroad. In case you have any questions about the programme you can contact the organization team directly. Make sure you meet the criteria and deadlines from the institute abroad.

3. Apply for the Summer Grant (if applicable)

You might be able to receive a Summer Grant. Each year the Faculty of Arts provides a limited number of summer grants for short stays abroad and in the Netherlands (up to a maximum of €375  for destinations within Europe and €500 for destinations outside of Europe). You can receive the grant only one time during your study period at Radboud University. Please read more about the criteria and application on our page about the Summer Grant. Please note: first come, first serve!

4. Arrange your travel

Next to your application for the programme and your grant, you might need to arrange some other things:

  • Your travel
  • Housing: check if housing is included in your programme or if you need to make arrangements yourself.
  • Visa
  • Insurance

Upon return:

You might need to take some steps when you finish your short stay. This depends on your specific situation.

  • Finishing your Summer Grant application

    When you have finished, please send the following documents within 8 weeks to

    • A copy of your flight ticket(s) to and from the destination, and/or any other proof of transportation;
    • Copies of obtained certificates;
    • A report of your experiences including:
      • The content of the programme
      • The composition and size of the group
      • Impression of the city / country
    • A digital photo of you at your placement;
    • A balance sheet with the actual costs

Please note: you need to do this within 8 weeks after finishing your summer schoolIn case you decide to also travel afterwards, it is still your own responsibility to hand in the following required documents on time!

  • Validating credits obtained abroad
    If you'd like to validate your credits you could consider sending a request to the examination board and ask them if it is possible to mention your short stay programme as an extra curricular activity on your study programme. Please fill in the request form and attach the following documents:

In some cases it might be possible to include a short stay programme in your study programme. Please contact your study advisor to discuss the options. Be prepared that you might need to send two requests to the examination board: one to request an external elective and one to request conversion of results from outside of the Netherlands.