Lustrum 2023

In 2023 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Radboud University and the Faculty of Arts by organising a lot of fun and diverse activities. The staff and student party are already over, but that is luckily not all yet! You can participate in the Crazy Arts Challenges and you should mark Thursday 21 September in your calendar for the Faculty party! To stay up to date of all our activities, keep checking this website or follow us on social media!


Do you have any questions or remarks about (the activities of) the Lustrum of the Faculty of Arts? Then please send an email to

Lustrum 2023

A year of celebration!

Crazy Arts Challenges

Between February and the end of November, you and your team will be challenged to complete the most playful and fun challenges to win a prize! Create your team with fellow students, colleagues and/or teachers, or even prospective students. Each month, one team will be declared that month's winner. The final winner will be announced during the last month of the Lustrum Year.

8 to 14 May: Radboud Gestures and Radboud Festive Week

In May, the first Festive Week of the University will take place. In this week, we will make our Radboud Gestures and there will be several festive activities as well. There will be a festival on campus, called Radboud XL. For elementary schools, Radboud Kids will be organised. Keep updated on this festive week on this website!

September: Faculty party

A big party will be organised on Thursday the 21st of September 2023. During this party, you will be completely immersed in the '20s. Make sure that your most beautiful outfit is ready for this and that you, your fellow students, and/or colleagues save the date!

16 to 20 October: Radboud Festive Week

In the second festive week, the 100th Dies Natalis will be organised. Also, several honorary doctorates will be given out.

Thursday 14 December: Final activity

Further details will follow, but a fun closing of this special year should not and will not be forgotten.

Lustrum Pub Quiz and Student Party were a great success!

Lustrum Pub Quiz Opening
Lustrum Student Party
Polaroids Lustrum Student Party

Other festivities

Timeline in the Erasmus Building of the FdL and FFTR

In collaboration with the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies, the Erasmus Building will feature a timeline in which photos and stories are shown concerning the history of both faculties. This timeline will make your journey through the Erasmus Building from March 2023 even more fun than before.

Awesome Academics

To mark the anniversary of the faculty, a fun board game will be created. Through this game, students and staff can get a sneak peak into research. Became curious about this? Keep an eye on the site for more information on how to get the game!

Historical photo book

To properly record the past 100 years of the Faculty of Arts, a historical photo book will be created. This photo book is based on the timeline you will encounter during your journey through the Erasmus Building. If you want to immortalise this timeline and the history of our faculty, you can get the photo book and show it to others.

Lustrum Photos

Lustrum Committee

Andre Lardinois (chair), Matthijs Kraijo (coordinator), Frederieke Wielers (student assistant), Adrian Katava (student assistant), Jan Brabers, Sybrine Bultena, Frederik van Dam, Jelmer Gerritsen, Nelleke Oostdijk, Bjorn Teeuwen, Roel Veenstra, Lieke Verheijen and Eva de Waal.

A special thanks goes out to Hans van Halteren, Eva Steentjes, Anna Heijnis and all other people involved in the organisation of this Lustrum Year.

Social media

You can stay up to date of our Lustrum activities via our social media channels, such as monthly overviews of the Crazy Arts Challenges or one of the giveaways.