Crazy Arts Challenges

In 2023, you and your team are challenged to take on Crazy Arts Challenges! What does that entail? Perform the most playful and fun challenges with your team to win a prize! You can put together your own star team with fellow students, colleagues and/or teachers and you can start participating in the challenges at any time of the year. Each month, one group will be declared that month's winner and that group will win a unique lustrum Tony's Chocolonely bar. The final winner will be announced during the last month of the Lustrum Year.


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Every month you can have the chance to win a unique lustrum Tony's Chocolonely bar!


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You can stay up to date about the lustrum activities via our social media accounts (Instagram/Facebook) in the Lustrum story highlight or several separate posts. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to or a text message via WhatsApp.