New 'Crazy Arts Challenges' will be posted here monthly throughout 2023, with the exception of university holidays. In total, there will be 39 challenges to perform. You will find below which challenges are already known. Which challenges are already known, you will find below. Besides an explanation, you will also find what you are expected to prove with each challenge. The monthly winners will also be announced on this page.

For questions, please email or send a message via WhatsApp.

Submission photos and videos

You can submit your prove of the challenges via either social media or via the website. Photos and videos can be submitted via social media, but for the website only photos can be uploaded. Videos can be sent via SurfFileSender to:

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Challenges March

Challenge 6: Compliment (1 point)

Give a compliment to a random person in the Erasmus building and record this in a video.

Challenge 7: Languages (1 point)

Say "hi" in as many languages as possible and record this in a video.

Challenge 8: Panorama (2 points)

Take a panoramic photo in which you can be seen twice at a point of interest in Nijmegen.

Challenge 9: Painting (1 point)

Act out a Renaissance painting with your team members and take a photo of it.

Monthly winner February

The first month of the Crazy Arts Challenges is over and the first monthly winner has been announced. Many humorous, funny, original and entertaining challenges were sent in. We enjoyed them very much and are very curious to see the submissions for the upcoming challenges!

Fallen Arts Angels, congratulations on the February win! Enjoy the Tony's Chocolonely-bar!

As for the other teams: good luck with the upcoming challenges!


Challenges February

Challenge 1: Skylounge (1 point)

Take a team photo in the Skylounge on the 20th floor of the Erasmus Building.

Challenge 2: Discodel (1 point)

Eat a 'discodel' or 'broodje Spee' at the snack bar at the Keizer Karelplein and take a picture of it.

Challenge 3: Alphabet (1 point)

Say the alphabet backwards and record this in a video.

Challenge 4: Hands (1 point)

Spell the word 'RADBOUD' in letters of the Dutch Hand alphabet and take a picture of this.

Challenge 5: Poem (2 points)

Write a poem about why someone should want to study at the Faculty of Arts of Radboud University and take a picture of it.