Rules Crazy Arts Challenges 2023

Below are all the game rules explained for the Crazy Arts Challenges during our Lustrum in 2023. Please read the rules carefully to know what is expected of you. For questions, please send an email to

Rules of participation

How to register your team?

  • Teams can consist of a maximum of 5 people (students and/or staff)
  • Each team registers a team name that is not offensive

How can I participate in the Crazy Arts Challenges?

  • For each entry, fill in the entry form again with the name of the captain and the team name using the submitted photo(s) and/or video(s)
  • A team may submit one entry for each challenge
  • It is not compulsory to participate in each challenge, but it will increase your chances of winning in the end
  • You can submit challenges all year round until the deadline of 1st December 2023
  • To have a chance of winning the monthly prize, it is important to submit your challenges before or on the last day of that month
  • Proof of the challenge can be a photo or video; the announcement on the website or on social media will indicate whether it is a photo or video
  • The maximum duration of a submitted video is 30 seconds
  • Videos will be submitted via SurfFileSender to
  • If you don't want to submit a video via SurfFileSender, a photo is also sufficient (this will, however, limit your chances of winning extra points or the month prize)

How can I win?

  • Original, creative, and/or fun challenges are appreciated and increase your chances of being the monthly winner (we like to publish these on our social media channels)
  • Every month we will award a prize to the most outstanding entry and at the end of the year we will announce the final winners (one student team and one staff team will be awarded as final winners)


  • 1 point for correct entry
  • 1 bonus point for monthly winner (Note: this picture must also be submitted in the corresponding month)
  • 2 points to be earned for one challenge per month (as indicated in the challenges)

What will I win?

  • Each month you can win a unique lustrum Tony's Chocolonely-bar!
  • The final prize will be announced during the award-ceremony in december

What else do I need to know?

  • Generally, there are no costs involved in carrying out the challenges, apart from, for example, buying nail polish or a discodel/broodje Spee
  • New challenges will be published on the first day of each month
  • The monthly winner will be announced on the first Monday of each month; an e-maill will be sent to the monthly winner
  • Correspondence about the results is not possible
  • Submitted footage (photos and videos) will be removed after the Lustrum Year has ended
  • There will be two categories: the student category and the staff category. The majority of the team members will decide in which category your team belongs.