History blogs as digital exhibition

Date of news: 22 December 2022

Monique Schoutsen (University Library) and teachers Miriam Groen-Vallinga and Ketty Iannantuono (History, Art History, and Ancient Studies) created a digital exhibition. The theme? Propaganda in ancient times. Students wrote, as part of a thematic seminar, blogs about this theme.

In Roman times, too, words and images mattered. On the one hand, politicians made use of them to mobilise their supporters or blacken their opponents. On the other hand, they were also expected to take into account all the different groups and sentiments in society. How that mechanism (also) worked in those days is the subject of the thematic seminar 'Populism and Propaganda in the Roman World' of the department of Ancienty History.

The result of the course? A digital exhibition with fun and interesting blogs. The second- and third-year students of this seminar were given the task to highlight one of those propaganda tools on the basis of some key figures from the Roman Republic and Imperial Era and to show how politicians made use of it — and how their supporters reacted to it. The blogs can be read here on the website of the University Library.

In addition to the written blogs, a video was published recently about the digital exhibition. Besides Schoutsen, Groen-Vallinga, and Iannantuono, also students Nver Avetisian, Marieke Ceelaert, and Rick van Brummelen make an appearance. The students give their opinion about the unique assignment of the seminar.