Amalia Arvaniti appointed as professor of English Language and Linguistics

Date of news: 12 June 2020

Amalia Arvaniti has been appointed professor of English Language and Linguistics at the Radboud University Faculty of Arts with effect from 1 July 2020.

Amalia ArvanitiAmalia Arvaniti has been professor of Linguistics at the department of English Language and Linguistics at the University of Kent (UK) since 2012. Her research focuses on phonetics and its relation to phonology, bilingualism, and sociophonetics.

Professor Arvaniti’s research interests include the production and perception of prosody (especially of stress, rhythm and intonation), cross-linguistic intonational pragmatics, bilingualism, and sociophonetics (especially of English and Greek). The main languages her research focuses on are English and Greek, but she has also published and continues to do research on Korean, Polish, and Romani.

About Amalia Arvaniti

Amalia Arvaniti (Larisa, Greece, 1963) received her PhD from the Department of Linguistics at the University of Cambridge in 1991 and has since held research and teaching appointments at the University of Kent, the University of California, San Diego, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the University of Edinburgh, King's College London, and the University of Cyprus.

From Laboratory Phonology to intonation modelling

Professor Arvaniti is one of the pioneers of Laboratory Phonology, which uses experimental research methods to test linguistic models of sound structure. Her research on prosody, which has been widely published and cited, has yielded crucial insights into the production, perception and linguistic structure of intonation and has challenged traditional views on the nature of speech rhythm and rhythmic typology. A large part of her research has contributed to our knowledge on Greek phonetics and phonology and to aspects of Greek dialectology and sociolinguistic variation. Her current research focuses on intonation modelling and pragmatics in English and Greek, bilingual production and perception, and recent developments in Greek diglossia.

Research at the Centre for Language Studies

In March 2019, professor Arvaniti was awarded a €2,500,000 Advanced ERC grant, titled “Speech Prosody in Interaction: The form and function of intonation in human communication” (SPRINT) to study intonation in English and Greek. In addition, she is currently the recipient of a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship on “Politics and linguistic variation in a post-diglossic speech community” to study the sound structures of post-diglossic Greek and prepare a related monograph; she will continue this research at Radboud University thanks to a Mohrmann grant. Prof. Arvaniti will join the Centre for Language Studies (CLS). There she will conduct research on prosody, as well as research on sociolinguistic variation in English, a topic in which other CLS researchers also work, and Greek diglossia.
She will also lead the group of English linguists in the Department of Modern Languages and Culturesand provide education in the field of English phonetics.

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