Bé Breij Appointed as Dean of Radboud Academy

Date of news: 5 March 2021

The Executive Board has appointed Bé Breij as dean of Radboud Academy from 1 April 2021. Bé Breij is professor of Ancient Rhetoric at the Faculty of Arts. She is also the director of Peitho, the Radboud University knowledge centre for everyone who wants to learn more about rhetoric and persuasion.

Rector Magnificus Han van Krieken: “Radboud University has big ambitions and a lot of potential with regard to Lifelong Learning, and we demonstrate this to the outside world through our Radboud Academy programmes. The distinguishing feature of the Lifelong Learning offering is that it is based on science and it meets the needs of the learner at the same time. It includes in-depth courses within a professional field as well as expansion into other areas of interests, inside and outside work. In Bé Breij we will have a dean who represents science and academia, who will also ensure a connection is made with other parties.”

Contributing to the Learning Society

Breij: “Learning doesn’t stop after graduation. This is why Radboud Academy is Radboud Academy - Bé Breijdeveloping suitable continued education offerings for professionals and people who have a wide range of interests with university or HBO education. Who wouldn’t want to continue their development and add to their education these days? In return, you will gain insight, clarity, self-confidence, inspiration, and enjoyment. It fits in with the social responsibility and the emancipatory character of Radboud University to contribute to that.”

Interdisciplinaire aanpak

Radboud Academy biedt innovatief vervolgonderwijs dat is gefundeerd op de meest actuele wetenschappelijke kennis die ontstaat vanuit maatschappelijke vragen, persoonlijke ambitie en/of nieuwsgierigheid. Bé Breij: ‘Veel van de grote vraagstukken van deze tijd, zoals pandemieën, klimaatproblematiek, ongelijkheid, onzekerheid, vragen om een inter- of multidisciplinaire benadering. Geen instelling is zo geschikt om kennis en vaardigheden op academisch niveau in onderlinge samenwerking aan te reiken – en daarvan zelf op haar beurt weer te leren – als een universiteit. Daaraan draag ik graag bij.’

Interdisciplinary Approach

Radboud Academy offers innovative continued education that is founded on the most current scientific knowledge that arises from social questions, personal ambition, and curiosity. Bé Breij: “Many of the major challenges of this era, such as pandemics, climate issues, inequality, and uncertainty, require an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach. There is no other institution as well-suited to providing knowledge and skills at the academic level and in collaboration with others — and in turn, to learn from this — as a university. I am very pleased to contribute to that.”

Strategy and Content

As academic leader of Radboud Academy, Breij will safeguard the academic level of the educational offerings and she will serve as a liaison to a wide range of people. “Other knowledge institutions, businesses, and governments can view Radboud University as a Lifelong Learning organisation that provides knowledge for the developments that happen today and tomorrow. Led by Programme Director Liesbet Korebrits, Radboud Academy will develop new interdisciplinary education together with the faculties, Radboud university medical center, and other stakeholders.”

Bé concludes: “When I was a student, I used to think: I’m done after I graduate. However, I had a different experience in my professional life: I will never be done learning, and that is what makes my work wonderful and inspiring. I hope everyone can experience this!”