What Do the Stricter Coronavirus Measures Mean for Radboud University?

Date of news: 13 November 2021

On Friday 12 November, the cabinet announced stricter coronavirus measures until 4 December. What are the consequences for students, employees, and visitors of Radboud University?


  • In-person education on campus will continue, but there will be a maximum occupancy of 75 people in a space, excluding the required staff.
  • If more than 75 students want to join a lecture, then some of them will do so by viewing the livestream.
  • As soon as possible, the departments will provide information about how the capacity of the lecture on campus has been allocated and any other particulars on Brightspace.
  • As a result of the short preparation time, not all information may be updated by Monday 15 November.
  • The maximum of 75 people in a space also applies to study workspaces. This means that fewer study workspaces will be available.
  • An exception will be made for exams and interim exams; in that case, more than 75 people are permitted in one space.
  • Please talk to your student advisor if you, as a student, are unable or unwilling to come to campus as this may result in a study delay.
  • There is also no maximum group size for walking routes.
  • The obligation to wear a face mask when walking around still applies.

Working from Home

  • Employees will work from home again as much as possible, unless absolutely necessary such as when someone needs to present a lecture in person.
  • In principle, meetings will also be online again.
  • Employees who have to work on campus and who have a problem with this should contact their supervisor.

Graduation Ceremonies, Inaugural Lectures, PhD Defences, and Farewell Lectures

  • Graduation ceremonies can continue without receptions and with no more than 75 people, excluding the required staff. These will be livestreamed. This also applies to inaugural lectures, farewell lectures, and PhD defences.

Catering and Receptions

  • Until 4 December, the university and student associations will not organise receptions or get-togethers on campus. This includes graduation and academic ceremonies.
  • The campus catering will remain open and will work with fixed seats, see for changed opening times.

Open Days

  • The government has stated that university open days can go ahead in a reduced format. This means that the Master’s Open Day on 27 November and the Radboud Master’s Fair on 18 November can still be held. The 75-person maximum in a space and face-mask requirement when moving around the buildings will apply.

Other Measures

  • The explicit advice is to take a self-test twice a week. Employees and students can order free self-tests from
  • The basic measures related to health and hygiene remain in place. Thus, we also keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other on campus whenever possible.
  • No one will be obliged to come to campus.

Radboud Sports Centre

  • Playing sports in the Radboud Sports Centre with a coronavirus entry pass will still be possible, but spectators are not allowed.

Radboud university medical center

  • As a result of the interconnectedness with patient care, different regulations may apply for Radboud university medical center and the Faculty of Medicine. Students and employees who may be affected will be informed about this by Radboud university medical center.


  • All Radboud University buildings are well ventilated and comply with the RIVM guidelines.