Government publishes new Higher Education Service Document

Date of news: 13 November 2020

On 11 November, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science published the 2020-2021  version of the Higher Education Service Document.

Among other things, this version contains a roadmap for the government measures that apply to higher education and agreements on the binding study advice (BSA) for the current academic year.

Binding Study Advice

The document states, among other things, the following about the Binding Study Advice: “Since the teaching to first-year student is offered almost completely, and there have been hardly any study delays in the past academic year, we are not expecting study delays for first-year students for the time being. As a result, the universities currently have no reason to adopt a generic leniency measure for the BSA at this point during the academic year.”

The translation of the service document can be found on the website of the VSNU.