Jos Hornikx appointed Professor of International Business Communication

Date of news: 5 February 2020

Jos Hornikx has been appointed as Professor of International Business Communication at the Radboud University Faculty of Arts, with effect from 1 January 2020.​
Hornikx, J.Hornikx conducts research into argumentation and persuasion. His main line of research is about the way people reason and convince with arguments. His empirical research focuses on questions such as: What makes arguments convincing? Are people sensitive to the quality of arguments? How are arguments evaluated in different countries? In addition, Hornikx specialises in research into persuasive messages from a cross-cultural and multilingual perspective. The research he conducts in this area is mostly about cultural adaptation of advertising and about the processing and effects of foreign languages in advertising.

About Jos Hornikx

Jos Hornikx (1979, Eindhoven) studied Business Communication Studies with a specialisation in International Business Communication Studies at Radboud University, where he graduated cum laude in 2001. Five years later, he earned his PhD from Radboud University with research into cultural differences in the persuasiveness of types of arguments in France and the Netherlands. After earning his PhD, he conducted research at Northwestern University (USA) funded by a Niels Stensen grant. He then joined the Communication and Information Studies department at Radboud University, first as an assistant professor (2007) and later as an associate professor (2013).

In recent years, he was the master coordinator of the Communication and Persuasion programme and later became the bachelor coordinator of the Communication and Information Studies programme. He is also a member of the board in the Language and Communications Department and is one of the two research coordinators at the Centre for Language Studies.


Hornikx has authored numerous academic publications in journals such as Argumentation, Communication Monographs, Discourse Processes, Journal of Advertising, and Thinking and Reasoning. He is one of the authors of ‘Foreign languages in advertising: Linguistic and marketing perspectives’ (Hornikx & Van Meurs, 2020) and co-author of 'Convincing texts: Research and design' (Hoeken, Hornikx, & Hustinx, 2012). He is also editor-in-chief of the Tijdschrift voor Taalbeheersing and a journal editor at the Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics.

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