KNAW-grant for online magazine Neerlandistiek

Date of news: 23 April 2021

The online journal for language and literature Neerlandistiek has received a grant of 10.000 euros from the pilot fund 'Science Communication by Scientists: Appreciated!' of the KNAW.

The grant has been awarded to a team of researchers from the Faculty of Arts: Peter-Arno Coppen, Marten van der Meulen, Marc van Oostendorp, Gudrun Reijnierse and Nicoline van der Sijs, all of whom are in one way or another involved in the creation of Neerlandistiek.

The team may use the money as they see fit for science communication. The editors of Neerlandistiek will probably use the money for rejuvenation of the magazine, for example by training students or junior researchers in writing for a wider audience.

The aim of the pilot fund - set up by the Dutch ministry of education, culture and science and implemented by the KNAW - is to take a step towards making visible and rewarding scientists who are structurally committed to science communication.

Read more about the KNAW-award here.