New corona measures, on-campus education to continue as before

Date of news: 29 September 2020

On Monday 28 september the Dutch government announced new measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Radboud University shares the concerns of the government and will of course follow these new measures. Read further to find out what this means for you.

On-campus classes and exams will continue

Though the Dutch government has restricted inside gatherings to a maximum of 30 people, education is excluded from this measure. This means that all planned on-campus education activities (including exams) will continue, though of course while keeping 1.5 meter distance from each other.

Employees work from home, except if they have no other options

While these new measures are in effect, employees at Radboud University will unfortunately no longer have the option to work on-campus one day a week. We are asking all employees to work from home, except if they have no other option to do so. Employees are allowed to come to the campus if it is required for their job. Examples may include lecturers giving classes, researchers who need access to their lab, or support staff providing maintenance on the servers.

Employees who are unable to work from home because of personal circumstances, can discuss with their supervisor whether they can work on campus.

Study work spaces will remain available

Students can continue to use the study work spaces available on campus. There is no maximum of thirty people for these, because educational spaces are excluded from the limit for inside gatherings. Of course, other corona measures do apply in this case. To create a safe study environment, we are asking students to reserve a space in advance.

Graduations and PhD defences

PhD defences, graduation ceremonies and inaugural ceremonies will be organised in smaller groups with a maximum of 30 people.

Masks not required

The Dutch universities are waiting for advice from the Outbreak Management Team regarding masks and will follow the regional or national policy with regards to masks. Currently, there is no requirement to wear masks on our campus. People are free to choose whether they do or do not want to wear a mask. Different rules may apply at Radboudumc.

Sports remain possible, but without an audience

Sporting classes at the Radboud Sports Centre will continue. The maximum number of participants in a ticket hour will not be reduced. Sports competitions will need to be played without an audience.

Food and drinks on campus

For the Refter, Het Gerecht and the FNWI Restaurant there will be a maximum of thirty people per restaurant, with a maximum of four people per gathering at a table. All visitors need to reserve seats in advance, and need to leave their contact details upon arrival. Grab & Go will remain available.

Traveling to and from campus

The advice from the government is to limit traveling as much as possible. Traveling to and from your place of education is seen as a valid reason to travel. Thus, traveling to campus for lectures, exams and other activities relating to education are allowed for both employees and students. We are asking you to follow your study from home as much as possible otherwise.

Length of these measures

These measures will, for now, remain in effect for the next three weeks. We hope that if we can follow these measures, we should be available to return to the situation from September after.

The executive board wishes hopes that everyone stays strong and stay healthy. Watch out for yourself and for others.