Radboud Student Award for Hester Voddé and Berend van Deelen

Date of news: 16 October 2020

Hester Voddé, student of Literary and Cultural Studies, and Berend van Deelen, Master’s student in Data Science, are the winners of the Radboud Student Award 2020. The students received their award on 15 October during the 97th Dies Natalis of Radboud University in the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen.

The Radboud Student Award is an annual prize awarded to students who, in addition to an intensive study programme, actively participate in the academic community. The Student Award consists of a medal, a certificate, and a sum of 500 euros.

Hester Voddé

Dies 2020-DvA-3409 Hester VoddéAs a result of her commitment to the Literary and Cultural Studies programme at the Faculty of Arts, Hester Voddé has become popular with students and lecturers alike. As a member of the programme committee, she devoted herself to quality assurance and improving the degree programme for 2 years. She was actively involved with the pilot version of the new minor Gender and Diversity and the implementation of the new digital learning environment as well. She impresses with the calm, deliberate, and effective manner in which she completes her tasks.

In addition to her study, Hester has also significantly contributed to cultural life, on campus and beyond. She was one of the organisers of the successful Creative Culture Talks at the LUX Nijmegen debate centre. As a member of the music committee of Cultuur op de Campus she was responsible for the content programming, on campus as well as in centres for culture such as LUX and Merleyn. As a result of her commitment as the organiser of a cultural exhibition in the University Library, she has managed to reach many students and staff members of the university.

Berend van Deelen

Dies 2020-DvA-3403 Berend van deelen

You could almost forget that Berend van Deelen is also “just” a student of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. His administrative track record in student life reaches far beyond the campus. He was part of the student board for the degree programme Artificial Intelligence CognAC, the umbrella organisation of social sciences Kompanio, the Studenten Big Band Nijmegen (SBBN), and the Nederlands Studenten Jazz Orkest, just to name a few. He is also the co-founder of Kompanio and SBBN.

In these roles he is known as an enterprising connector: someone who notices others and involves them in his projects. As founder and conductor of the SBBN he garnered much praise for his friendly leadership. Under his guidance, a top-notch band was formed in a short span of time — a band that performs during Radboud University ceremonies and student association parties as well as at the International Music Meeting Festival. Many of the arrangements played by the band were written by Berend, which underscores his musical talent yet again. His commitment to association life has enriched and permanently changed student life in Nijmegen.