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Date of news: 16 February 2023

Will 2023 be the year you and your team take on the playful challenges of the Crazy Arts Challenges? In honour of the Faculty of Arts' 100th anniversary, the Crazy Arts Challenges are being organised. These are fun challenges that you can complete with your self-created team consisting of fellow students, colleagues or staff. The challenges range from painting your nails red, kissing the Church of St. Steven (Stevenskerk) or taking a selfie in the Skylounge. Every month, new challenges will be published on the Faculty of Arts' Lustrum website, and you can have a chance to win the monthly prize by submitting the most original photos/videos. At the end of the Lustrum year 2023, a final winner will be announced during the closing drink of the Lustrum year. This final winner will, of course, win a great prize!

How can you win? For every challenge you send in, you can score points, and the monthly winner not only gets the monthly prize, but also a bonus point. Are you eager to join forces and compete with your team for this coveted title? Then register your team soon via the button below!