Call on your students to fill in the NSS

Date of news: 11 January 2022

The National Student Survey (NSS) has started again. Students at Radboud University received their first invitation on Monday, 17th January. They can fill in the NSS until 13th March.

Why is the NSS so important again? Not only is it the source for students to find out what is going well or not so well within the faculty and study programmes, but it is also the basis for many information sources for prospective students, such as the Keuzegidsen, Elsevier Beste Studies and the website


If your study programme wants to appear at all in these sources, it is important that as many students as possible complete the NSS. As lecturers, we would ask you to remind your students of this in your lectures, for example by including a (break) slide with an appeal in your presentation (which can be downloaded at the bottom of this message).


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