Research Data Management

The RDM policy of the Faculty of Arts is based on the general principles of Radboud University outlined here, including information about FAIR principlesGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, AVG in Dutch), informed consent and the data management plan (DMP). For information about copy right licenses, click here.

Specific RDM guidelines for research conducted at the Faculty of Arts can be found on our intranet webpages. Here researchers can find information about:

  • Sample texts on RDM for research proposals
  • Writing a Data Management Plan (DMP)
  • Courses on RDM provided by the Faculty
  • How and where to store research data
    • During the lifetime of a project
    • After a project and connected to a publication
  • Requesting storage space
  • Guidelines to comply with the FAIR RDM requirements as implemented at Radboud University
  • Personal data and the GDPR

Students can find data management plan (DMP) information here.

The data steward of the faculty can be reached at