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Erasmus Study Centre

Welcome! The Erasmus Study Centre (ESC) is a place where you can either work independent or in groups. You can also make use of the computers and printers. You can study in the ESC without a reservation.

The ESC is located on the first floor of the low-rise section of the Erasmus building on Erasmusplein (E.1.63). You can reach the information desk via esc@let.ru.nl if you have questions or remarks regarding the ESC. You can also contact the information desk for at and around the ESC lost and found items and questions about for example printing, Kuaro and Eduaroam. Chargers, headsets and other materials can also be borrowed here.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

Visiting address:
Erasmusplein 1, E. 1.63,  6525 HT Nijmegen

Postal address:

Postbus 9103
6500 HD Nijmegen

Information desk:
Phone number: 024-3612359   
E-mail: esc@let.ru.nl


All RU students have access to the ESC. You can log in with email address (name.surname@ru.nl) and your personal password. The ESC is also available for group work. Be sure to use a quiet and respectful tone when working with others. Groups have priority in the workstations for group work. We expect you to leave your workstation clean and tidy when you are finished.

You can use the following areas in the ESC:

  • The large room (1.63), no reservation needed
  • The quiet study area (TP4), report at the desk
  • The mezzanine (First floor of low-rise, E. 103b), only access with reservation until 6.30 pm.

There are 75 places available in the ESC:

  • 24 study workplaces (without computer)
  • 84 study workplaces (with computer)
  • 2 MIVA computer workplaces

Erasmus Study Centre Workstation

The mezzanine: only with reservation

On the mezzanine there are 38 computer workplaces and 3 study workplaces available. The mezzanine has the same opening hours as the Erasmus building. These workplaces are only available with a reservation.

You can book workplaces with or without a computer on multiple locations on campus besides the mezzanine. There are a number of rules to make sure the reservation of these workplaces are divided fairly:

Code of conduct:

Those who do not follow the rules can be excluded from reservation.

  • Only students of the Radboud University can book a workplace.
  • Only make a reservation for yourself.
  • Take your student card and the confirmation of your reservation (printed or on your phone) with you.
  • Do not book more time than you need. You can also book less than a daypart.
  • You can book up to two days in advance.

Floor plan

Here you can find the floor plans of the ESC and the mezzanine.

Lecture halls

Due to the coronavirus, there is an adjusted number of workstations available:

TP1: 11 computer workstations
TP2: 10 computer workstations
TP3: 11 computer workstations
TP4: 7 computer workstations

In addition to the workstations for students, the lecture halls also have an area specifically for lectures, with a projector and a whiteboard. The lecture halls can only be reserved for general education purposes via the central schedulers at the various Faculty of Arts departments.

Individual reservations for TP 1, 2 and 3 can be made by contacting an employee at the MMS information desk. External users can also contact the information desk to make a reservation.

TP 4 is intended as a quiet study area. This area can only be reserved by contacting the MMS information desk and is not included in the general reservation system.

House rules

  • If you plan on leaving the ESC for more than ten minutes, you will have to return all borrowed materials and give up your place.
  • Phone calls are prohibited
  • Drinks are permitted in the ESC but food is not.
  • We strongly advise you to look after your stuff and/or to make use of the lockers left at the entrance of the ESC. The board can not be held accountable for the loss or theft of your belongings.
  • In all cases not provided for in these regulations, please follow the instructions provided by the information desk employee.


The ESC has five multifunctional network printers which can be used to print, scan and copy documents. You can send a print job from all workstations. The printer is set to double-sided printing in B/W by default. You can choose single-sided printing and colour printing from your workstation. You can pay for all print and copy work using Kuario. Scanning with Kuario is free. You can scan your documents and send them to your e-mail address.

Wireless printing is also possible from a mobile device or laptop. Click here for more information about printing from a mobile device. (It is only possible to use wireless printing when you are at the campus or connected with the wifi-network Eduroam).

It is possible to have a CD burned at the desk, for example for your thesis. The price is € 0.50 including CD.

Click here if you want to know more about printing at the campus and/or Kuario. You are also free to contact the information desk if you have questions or need assistance.

Prices printing and copying
A4 single-sided, black: €0.05
A4 double-sided, black: €0.08
A4 single-sided, colour: €0.14
A4 double-sided, colour: €0.25
A3 single-sided, black: €0.08
A3 double-sided, black: €0.11
A3 single-sided, colour: €0.26
A3 double-sided, colour: €0.49

Renting and borrowing

The following items can be borrowed at the information desk:

  • Dictionaries, CD-ROMs and DVDs in the Mediatheek
  • Headset
  • Android or Apple phone charger
  • Laptop charger
  • E-dentifier 2 ABN AMRO
  • Scanner Rabobank
  • USB stick
  • External DVD drive
  • Card reader (e.g. SD)
  • VGA - HDMI Cable

These items are intended for use inside the ESC only. They can only be borrowed upon presentation of a valid student ID card.

Pick up: from 8.45 am at the ESC information desk. Return: before 4.45 pm (later returns are only possible in consultation with the information desk).

  • Laptop: €4.50 per half-day, €45.00 per week
  • Projector: free
  • Digicam: €2.50 per half-day (tripod available)

The equipment can be paid for with a purchase requisition, which can be obtained from the secretariat of the relevant department. Equipment can be reserved via Audiovisual Services or at the information desk.


Both students and lecturers can contact the ESC information desk to borrow DVDs and CD-ROMs. There are more than 2,500 films, documentaries, television series and interviews to choose from. Consult the Mediatheek catalogue (xlsx, 289 kB) to see which DVDs are available. You can borrow a DVD by submitting the DVD number at the information desk. Students are not permitted to take borrowed materials outside the ESC.

Erasmus Study Centre Workstation

Sound studio

Lecturers, researchers and students at Radboud University can use the sound studio for educational or research purposes. This studio is located in room E.153a, near the ESC information desk. For audio recordings, the program Adobe Audition CS6 is used. The sound studio is also open to non-university users. For more information, contact the ESC information desk. Coördinator of the studio is Margret van Beuningen (m.vanbeuningen@let.ru.nl).

You can reserve the studio lab at the ESC information desk. This room cannot be reserved for an extended period of time.

Students must submit the name of the department and their supervising lecturer.


Available software

All ESC computers have the same standard software package installed. The software was chosen in consultation with the Student Council.
You can consult a list of software installed on the ESC computers. A license has been acquired for some of these packages that allows students and/or staff to use the programs at home.
If you'd like specific software to be added to the student workstation, you can send an e-mail to icthelpdesk@ru.nl, or contact the ESC information desk.