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Apply for a board or participational year

Are you considering a board or participational year? Here you can find all the information you need for the different study associations and programme committees / participational bodies.

Study associations board


Every study programme has its own study association. The main purpose of a study association is to enrich the study and student life through various activities. The study associations organise informal activities to connect students, as well as formal activities that complement the study. Want to know more about a board year at your study association? Then get in touch.

Every study programme has a programme committee. The programme committee is concerned with ensuring and improving the quality of the study programme. Half of the members of a programme committee are elected by and from the students of the study programme; the other half of the committee consists of members of the academic staff of the study programme.

The members of the Faculty Student Council Arts (FSCA) are the student representatives within the Faculty of Arts. Members of the FSCA are elected each year. The FSCA also maintains good contact with the student assessor of our faculty. The student assessor is present during meetings of the faculty board and is, therefore, able to represent the interests and needs of students.