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Member of faculty participation body

Are you considering a year in the Faculty Student Council Arts (FSCA)? Each year, the members of the FSCA are chosen by election. Here you can find all the information on what you need to do to apply.

  • FSCA (Participational body Faculty Student Council Arts)

As a part of the Faculty Student Council, you are eligible for financial support.

What does being a member of the FSCA involve?

  • You actively promote student interests in educational innovations.
  • You consult with the faculty board on matters such as the policy for faculty student facilities and the way quality assurance is carried out within the faculty.
  • You have good contact with the faculty's programme committees, the USC and the other FSCs of the university.
  • You cooperate with umbrella association LETO and have close contact with the studentassessor.



What do you have to do?

The period to apply as a candidate is over. Want to know more about the elections? Check it out here.

Are you interested to fulfill a position within the participatory body Faculty Student Council Arts? Council members are chosen through elections.