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Programme Committee

Every Bachelor's and Master's programme has a programme committee. Half of the members of this committee are chosen by and from the students in the programme, with the other half consisting of members of the department's academic personnel.

Check the links below for the members of your programme committee.

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What does the programme committee do?

The programme committee concerns itself with guaranteeing and improving the quality of the programme. Its most important tasks are:

  • Giving advice about the education and examination regulations and the assessment and implementation thereof.
  • Protecting the quality of the programme, together with the programme coordinator, by carrying out evaluations of courses and curriculum.
  • Giving advice to the programme coordinator, the director of education or the dean about all matters concerning the education in the programme.

Quality control can refer to the organisation of the department, the lectures, and the evaluation of the courses. Education evaluations that are filled out by students (often in the last class of the course) are carefully assessed and discussed. The programme committee notifies the lecturer in question of the results so agreements can be made to improve the level of education.

Do you have ideas, feedback, or complaints about lectures, lecturers, exams, or anything else relating to your studies? Contact your programme committee. Everything will be discussed anonymously and they will then discuss it with the lecturer in question.

Programme Committees Bachelors



Staff members Student members

Arts and Culture Studies


  • dr. Vincent Meelberg
  • dr. Anna Geurts
  • dr. László Munteán
  • Robin Mollen
  • Talin de Jeu
  • Miriam Stuefer

Communication and Information Studies


  • dr. Ulrike Nederstigt
  • Noemi Mena Montes
  • Saskia van Putten
  • Sebastian Sadowski
  • Dagmar Jager
  • Cheng Chen
  • Marit Brummel
  • Nina de Kort
  • Nour Aly

English Language and Culture


  • Laura de Vos
  • Monique Tangelder
  • dr. Ruud van den Beuken
  • Mila Petrovic
  • Seljan Gahrmanli
  • Esther Folkersma
  • Ricardo Reitsma

Comparative European History


  • dr. Dries Lyna
  • Sanne Muurling
  • Eleá de la Porte
  • Jan Julia Zurné
  • Lenneke van Raaij
  • Iris van Vlimmeren
  • Vera Bosch
  • Rosa Raeijmaekers
  • Lotte Jonkbloed
  • Hanneke Roos

Programme Committees Masters



Staff members Student members

Communication and Information Studies / Communicatie- en Informatiewetenschappen


  • dr. Andreu van Hooft
  • dr. Laura Speed
  • Jet Hoek
  • Nina van Loosen
  • Britt Bruins
  • Milou Visser

History / Geschiedenis


  • dr. Dries Lyna
  • Jan Julia Zurné
  • Lenneke van Raaij
  • dr. Sanne Muurling
  • dr. Eleá de la Porte
  • Iris van Vlimmeren
  • Vera Bosch
  • Rosa Raeijmaekers
  • Lotte Jonkbloed
  • Hanneke Roos

Arts and Culture Studies / Kunst- en Cultuurwetenschappen


  • dr. Vincent Meelberg
  • dr. Anna Geurts
  • dr. Bram de Klerck
  • Vincent Meelberg
  • Jonathan Zackor
  • Jasper Martens
  • Desirée Kruizinga
  • Manon Wieringa



  • prof. dr. Rob Schoonen
  • dr. Jarret Geenen
  • dr. Esther Janse
  • Emma Geraerds
  • Frederieke Wielers
  • Julian Rutjes
  • Roel Veenstra

Transatlantic Studies

(previously North-American Studies)


  • dr. Jorrit van den Berk
  • dr. Albertine Bloemendal
  • Kiki Altena
  • Jill Homberg

Research master HLCS


  • dr. Frederik van Dam
  • dr. Mette Gieskes
  • dr. Nathalie de Haan
  • prof. dr. Jan Kok
  • Carmijn Gerritsen
  • Esther Folkersma
  • Antuanete Mudule

Research master LCS


  • dr. Esther Janse
  • dr. Marianne Starren
  • Christian Schramm
  • Andriane Sabov

Quality Assurance Committee minors

Do you have questions or remarks about the minors of the Faculty of Arts? Then you can contact the Quality Assurance Committee of the minors. They take care of the quality assurance regarding the fixed components of the minors (theme course, Academia and Society & think tank). Contact them via: qac-minors@let.ru.nl.