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Confidential Contact Person students and Student Wellbeing Officer

Renée Müskens

Room: E 13.04
Email: renee.muskens@ru.nl

Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

You can contact Renée if you have questions, feedback or ideas about student wellbeing or personal and professional development. As a confidential contact person, she is also the student point of contact regarding social safety.

Making an appointment Confidential contact person for students

Want to make an appointment for a confidential conversation? Email renee.muskens@ru.nl to make an appointment (online or in person).

Prefer to drop by? On Wednesdays between 12.30 - 13.30 there is a walk-in consultation hour in E 13.04. At other times on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, you can always drop by E 13.04 to see what's possible for you.

Confidential Contact Person students Faculty of Arts

The confidential contact person functions as the point of contact regarding social safety for students within the faculty, and can refer you to the central team of confidential advisors. The RU confidential advisors can be contacted if you (doubt that you) are dealing with undesirable behavior, or have concerns about a (suspected) are breach of scientific integrity.

If you are unsure about who to contact about your question or problem, or feel like contacting one of the RU confidential advisors is too big of a step, please feel free to contact the confidential contact person of the Faculty of Arts.

Student Wellbeing Officer

Renée is also the Student Wellbeing Officer for the Faculty of Arts. The Student Wellbeing Officer develops proactive policy and policy proposals that contribute to (improving) student wellbeing. The Student Wellbeing Officer:

  • picks up on signals in various gremia about student wellbeing and (the need for) personal and professional development
  • cooperates both within the faculty and the university
  • ensures the implementation of Personal and Professional Development (PPD) in the curriculum
  • is the first contact person for the study associations of the faculty