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Student advisor

Below you can find the contact information for your student advisor. You can make an appointment online for a meeting.

Function of the student advisor

Every department has a student advisor who can give information about the study programme and help students make difficult decisions during their studies. The student advisor is a confidential advisor.

The student advisor can help you with the following issues:

  • The structure of your studies; how the study programme is organised.
  • Choosing an alternative study programme; if you do not like what you are doing at the moment.
  • Choosing minor courses.
  • Planning the rest of your studies; for instance, going abroad.
  • Study problems such as exam stress, academic skills or motivation.
  • A delay in your studies caused by illness or other special circumstances.
  • Choosing a Master’s.
  • Looking into the job market at the end of your studies.

If the student advisor cannot offer you the help you need, he or she can refer you to the student counsellor, another student advisor, a career advisor, a student psychologist or a student coach.

Flowchart Students

For more information about who you can approach with your questions, download the flowchart (pdf, 144 kB).