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Walk & Talk

Do you feel a bit stuck? Are you stressing about choices, making it impossible to take action? Do you need space in your head? Or would you like to look at your studies and the future differently? Is 15 minutes during the office hour not enough to discuss this?

Sign up for a Walk & Talk session in nature!

Nature has been proven to have a positive effect on your mental well-being. The cortisol level decreases, which means that you experience less tension. This will clear your head and speed up the process of gaining insight. In addition, your body creates endorphins while walking, which increases your sense of decisiveness and your overall happiness. This is important to be able to take a new step.

We will first take time to pay attention to exactly where you are stuck, not only the symptoms but also what is behind it. Then we can look at the degree of acceptance and then formulate concrete action steps. Preferably you come back a few weeks later for a second walking session, so we can look back on your insights and the effect this has had. Were the action steps successful? Or have you taken other steps? What worked for you and what didn't? We can try to consolidate what has gone well by naming and ratifying it.