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Binding Study Recommendation

Radboud University issues a Binding Study Advice (BSA) for all full-time Bachelor's programmes.

What does this mean for you?

Binding Study Advice (BSA) mean that all students enrolled in the first year of a full-time Bachelor's programme for the first time may not continue with that programme if they do not meet the BSA threshold by the end of the first year. The minimum number of credits (ECTS: European Credits Transfer System) for all programmes offered by the Faculty of Arts is set at 45.

The BSA is issued by the First Year Study Advice Committee on behalf of the dean. If you receive a negative binding study advice, you will not be able to re-enrol for that same full-time Bachelor's programme at Radboud University for the next three years.

A provisional BSA will be issued in February based on the academic results obtained during the first semester.

Students who meet the BSA requirements at the end of the second semester will be issued a positive recommendation in the second half of July. Students who do not meet the BSA requirements will receive a negative BSA. These students will have the opportunity to present their case to the First Year Study Advice Committee several weeks later if they want to continue their studies and there are (or have been) personal circumstances that have prevented them from making the required progress in their studies.

It is therefore important to keep your student advisor informed of any personal circumstances that may influence your BSA outcome.

Visit this website for more detailed information about Binding Study Advice.