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Examination Board

The Faculty of Arts has a central examination board. This body, in which all study programs are represented, ultimately determines whether you meet the requirements of the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) of your study programme.


The members of the Examination Board of the Faculty of Arts are:

The Examination Board is supported by administrative secretaries:

  • Mw. Aline van Dijken
  • Dr. Job Witsenhuijsen

What can you contact the examination board for?

The Examination Board decides on all requests related to the structure of your study programme (such as changes to it), exemptions, and other matters related to the implementation of the education and examinations (such as examination opportunities or deadlines). The Examination Board uses a web form for this, in which you can further explain your request and provide it with any appendices.

You can also submit complaints to the Examination Board about the state of affairs during an exam or about an assessment. Even if you wish to appeal against a decision of an examiner, this is often a faster procedure than immediately appealing to the Examination Appeals Board. The Examination Board can immediately consult with the relevant lecturer or examiner, so that solutions can be sought more effectively (the Board often only assesses the procedural state of affairs).

A term of 6 weeks applies to lodging an appeal with the Examination Appeals Board. If you are afraid that this term will be exceeded, you can also file a so-called pro forma appeal. This means that a possible appeal will be lodged, but the handling will be postponed until your consultation with the Faculty Examination Board or the examiner has been completed.

Pay attention!

The Examination Board is not a source of information. If you have questions about your study, or if you only have informational questions about the administration of your study progress, your first point of contact is the student desk or your study advisor.

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Examination Board of the Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Arts
Radboud University Nijmegen
Erasmusplein 1
6525 HT Nijmegen

E-mail: examencommissie@let.ru.nl

Requests to the Examination Board are always submitted through the online form.