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Procedure for requests or complaints

You submit a request or complaint via one of the web forms. This is only possible with a RU email address. The request must be complete and must contain all necessary attachments. It can be processed faster if it is clear, concise and pertinent.

As a rule, the Examination Board makes a decision on your request within six weeks. Please keep this in mind when submitting. You will receive a notification in your RU mailbox when the decision has been administered in Osiris. If you have any questions about this, do not approach the person who introduced the decision, but always the Examination Board itself.

Pay attention!

If you provide incorrect or incomplete information, this may lead to your request or complaint being rejected, and even the granting of a request being withdrawn.

Are you unsure whether you should submit a request to the Examination Board, and do you want advice? Please contact your study advisor, mentor or tutor.

Click here to submit a request to the Examination Board