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Use of laptops, phones and tablets

Laptops, phones and tablets

Laptops and tablets may be used to take notes during lectures, pending the approval of the lecturer. Laptops and tablets cannot be used for non-academic purposes during lectures. Students are prohibited from using electronic devices (laptops, phones, iPads, etc.) to make video or audio recordings. Interaction between the student and the lecturer is imperative during seminars, which means the lecturer is free to set the rules regarding the use of electronic devices.


All e-mails from the programme, the faculty and the university will be sent to your studentnumber@ru.nl account. Make sure you check this account regularly. All correspondence with programme staff members must be sent from your studentnumber@ru.nl account. You can find your e-mail address at mail.ru.nl. Use your student number and RU password to log in. Be sure to add 'ru\' before your student number.