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Rules of Conduct

The Faculty of Arts wants to offer an inspiring work environment in which students and employees can work with dedication, enjoyment, and get results. It is the shared responsibility of students and employees to endeavour to create this environment.

Guiding principles

The Faculty of Arts wants this environment to be characterised by:

  • mutual respect and personal development;
  • an open mind, trust and safety;
  • working together and taking responsibility.

This means that everyone:

  • will treat each other with respect without belittling each other or being hurtful. Treat others in the way in which you want to be treated yourself.
  • will be aware of the rules and regulations and the agreements that have been made concerning compulsory attendance, deadlines, and assignments and that these rules will be followed.
  • will participate actively in lectures and seminars, and that both students and lecturers are responsible for the learning process.
  • will turn off their mobile phones before lectures or exams.
  • will be on time for lectures and students will not leave the classrooms before the end of the lecture.

All of this comes down to one thing: treat each other with respect. The Faculty of Arts expects its students and employees to do so.

Do you experience inconvenience  from the behaviour of a fellow student?

These instructions (pdf, 202 kB) explain the actions which should be taken when an individual student's conduct and/or statements are such that other students and/or employees experience these as threatening, offensive or seriously disrupting to the work or academic environment.

At the faculty level, a contact person has been designated to whom students/staff can turn if they believe that an order measure should be taken. For the Faculty of Arts, this is Ellen Venderbosch. You can reach her at ellen.venderbosch@ru.nl or by calling 024 361 56 78.

Problems with unwanted behaviour?

Radboud University considers it important that students and staff feel safe in their study and work environment. If you feel that a teacher or a student does not comply with the rules of conduct, and that this interferes with normal communication between teacher and student or between students, you can appeal to the study advisor or a confidential advisor. The study advisor or confidential advisor will offer a listening ear and can help think of an appropriate way to deal with your situation.

Contact a student advisor or confidential advisor: