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Registering for courses

Registering for courses and seminar groups

  1. Before you can participate in a course, you have to register via OSIRIS for both the course and the associated seminar groups.The following applies to all first-year Bachelor students of the Faculty of Arts: 
    In mid-August the Student Information Point Faculty of Arts will register you for the courses and, if applicable, the seminars of period 1 and 2. For period 3 and 4 you can register yourself in December. We will send you a letter about this by then. Students with a disability who would like to receive special facilities during an examination, such as extra time, should request this as soon as possible through the student counsellor.
  2. You can register for courses twice a year.
  3. After the registration period, registration will close for most of the minors and electives offered in the second semester. Then you can only register for courses that are still available in Osiris.
  4. If you miss the registration deadline for one of your major courses, contact the Student Information Point Faculty of Arts (STIP) to arrange your registration. Unfortunately, the availability of textbooks and a seat in the classroom cannot be guaranteed for students who fail to register in time.
  5. For students in the Communication and Information Studies and the English Language and Culture programmes: to ensure that all students receive a suitable timetable, STIP will arrange the registration and distribution of all major courses. For these programmes, you only have to register for minor courses, electives and the courses you are still following from a previous year. Check your personal timetable to see the schedule for your seminar group.

Registering for minors

  1. Consult the minor guide to review the minors on offer.
  2. The minor guide also contains information about relevant regulations.
  3. In order to participate in a minor and its courses and to ensure that all courses are placed in the right place in your study progress overview (SVO), you must register via OSIRIS in advance. This goes for both the minor itself and the individual courses within that minor. If you started in September 2018 (or later), use the following manual. The manual does not apply to students who started before September 2018.
  4. You can register for minors twice a year, along with your other courses.