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(De)registration for exchange students

If you are an exchange student at Radboud University, please follow these instructions to register and deregister for exams and resits. For all other information, please see the rest of this page.

  • You are automatically registered for the first exam opportunity of the course.
  • If a resit is necessary, please register for your resit(s) via the button below. Please note: if you passed the first exam opportunity, you are not allowed to take a resit in order to get a higher grade.
  • If you are unable or not wanting to take the exam or resit you are registered for, please deregister via the button below.
  • Both registration and deregistration for an exam/resit need to be done at least 7 full business days before the day on which the exam takes place.

If you are not registered or if you have any questions about (registration for) exams, please contact stip@let.ru.nl.