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Broaden your perspective!

Broaden your perspective!

Within your degree programme and your own study programme, there is mainly room for your academic development. But your own personal development is also important. As faculty, we want to devote more space and attention to the personal and professional development (PPD) of our students, so that you:

  • can work on personal goals, skills and qualities that you find important;
  • reflect on who you are and which route you want to take;
  • get a better grip on your studies and future.

Offer Personal and Professional Development

From the 'Student Guidance Project 2023' Radboud-wide, we are working to create a platform

we are working to create a platform that will give you as a student tools to develop yourself both personally and professionally. There is a wide range of (extra-curricular) activities, trainings and workshops in which you can work on different themes. You will find these themes below.

It is possible to work on personal and professional development in various ways:

On the longer term, this offer will be increasingly embedded in (the curricula of) our programmes, so that you can optimally develop both academically and personally during your studies.

Your vision is more than welcome!

We are currently defining the frameworks we will be working with within the faculty and programmes: the themes we consider important, the learning objectives we have in mind, how you will achieve those learning objectives, and how we will help you determine your personal route.

Would you like to help think about implementing the PPD-offer within your programme? Have you been inspired by a teacher, course or assignment to develop yourself personally or professionally and would you like others to have that experience too? Do you have good ideas on how to get motivated as a student to engage in your own development? Or do you enjoy giving feedback on plans? Then report to Renée Müskens (renee.muskens@ru.nl).


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